Instant feedback on design changes

With Dockup, developers can stage design changes quickly and share URLs with designers for instant feedback.

Get started

Designer gives mockup to developer

Designeer uses her favourite tool to create mockup or prototype and gives it to the developer to implement them.


Developer implements the design

Developer implements the design using code and opens a pull request in Github.


Deployment is ready for testing

Dockup deploys the pull request along with all the other services which the front end needs for testing. Environment is pre-seeded with data which is needed for testing.


Designer gets URL in Slack

Designer will be notified on Slack along with the url once the deployment is ready.


Feedback is shared in Slack

Designer tests the change on the live environment and shares feedback on Slack.


Deployment is deleted automatically

Deployment can be deleted manually or you can set timer to delete the deployment after certain amount of time.