Verify any code change without the devops hassle

Don't wait for features to be merged and deployed to staging to give feedback. With Dockup, product owners can get a live ephemeral environment of any git commit to give instant feedback to developers.

Get started

Product owner plans the sprint

Product owner adds user stories to the project management tool, and developers pick them up.


Developer opens pull request

Developer opens a pull request on GitHub after implementing the code change.


Deployment is ready for testing

Dockup deploys the pull request along with all the other services which the application needs for testing. The environment is pre-seeded with data which is needed for testing.


Product owner gets URLs in Slack

Dockup sends a notification to your chatroom with a URL for testing the user story.


Feedback is shared in Slack

Product owner verifies the change in a live environment and shares feedback on Slack.


Deployment is deleted

Deployment is deleted automatically after a configured duration.