On demand staging environments for engineering teams

Merge pull requests with confidence.

How it works

Push code

Open pull request

Get message in chatroom

Open deployment

Test and approve

Automated deployments

Don't wait for staging servers to be free. Just push code and let Dockup automate deployments, generate URLs, seed databases and message you when your environment is ready.

All of your tech stack

Catch issues that pop up only in production. Test each feature in integration with the rest of your tech stack instead of testing apps in isolation by faking other services.

Don't run servers 24/7

Dockup deployments only run when you need to use them. Deployments are automatically garbage collected.

Automated QA checklists Coming soon

Run automated QA checklists against your deployments. It's like CI, but for your entire tech stack without mocking your services.

Works with your tools

Works with any code repository. Dockup doesn't disrupt your processes or tools. It just takes your existing workflow and makes it much faster.

Slack Integration

Works even better with Slack. Dockup starts conversations in Slack channels where developers, designers and business share early feedback on changes before PRs get merged.